The Coalculus Enterprise Chain solution uses the child chain mechanism to support a whole host of digital assets and financial applications. Our enterprise chain solution is beneficial for financial institutions as it automatically identifies the transaction parties, records the transaction on the private state and bundles this transaction data to the decentralized Coalculus public chain.

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Our Unique Framewore

Data Isolation:

This architecture guarantees isolation of transaction data on the public network and the respective application transaction data on the enterprise chain. Also, it achieves data isolation between one enterprise chain and another to effectively ensure data security and privacy.

Easy to Develop

The enterprise chain is fully equipped and integrates with any IT or cloud infrastructure, so our clients need not tear existing systems out and start again to make customization to specifications, parameters and transaction types.

Enhanced Security

The transactional functions are performed on the enterprise chains while the Coalculus public chain takes care of the processing and securing the entire network.


Our enterprise chain solution implements data isolation and privacy protection by adopting a multichain environment. Multichain infrastructure is most favorable for supporting cross-department and crossenterprise collaboration business processes and applications. Participants can join in one business or multiple enterprise chains according to their needs. The permissioned ledgers between different enterprise chains are isolated.


Coalculus Platform is an open-source project led primarily by Coalculus Lab, a for-profit entity. Coalculus Lab has commissioned five teams and over 50 developers to build Coalculus, including: